Friday, 19 June 2020

Provincial Insect Pest Reports

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so plan to link to their upcoming information: 

Manitoba's Crop Pest Updates for 2020 are available. Access the June 17, 2020 report. The
summary indicates t
here are still some insecticide applications for cutworms and flea beetles occurring, although this is slowing down as canola advances, flea beetles die off, and cutworms move to the pupa stage. Some insecticide applications for grasshoppers have started. Trap counts for diamondback moth adults have increased substantially in the Eastern region in the last couple of weeks. Other insects that can potentially blow in from the south have not been noted yet. There has been no indication of soybean aphid or aphids in cereals, and sweep net sampling in the Carman area has failed to detect aster leafhoppers.

•  Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Agri-News occasionally includes insect-related information. Read about overwintered canola and ground beetles.