Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wind Trajectories - April 15-20, 2016

THE WEEK OF APRIL 15-20, 2016:  Wind trajectory data processing by AAFC-Saskatoon Staff began in April.  Reverse Trajectories track arriving air masses back to their point of origin while Forward Trajectories predict favourable winds expected to arrive across the Canadian Prairies for the week of April 15-20, 2016:

Reverse trajectories (RT)
None to report for this period.

Forward Trajectories (FT)
This week there are again three forward trajectories from southern USA and Mexico that are predicted to cross Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba over the next few days. 

In summary, the following table is a compilation of the number of Forward Trajectories predicted to have crossed the prairies to date, by point of origin.

Weather forecasts (7 day)
Grande Prairie: