Friday, 15 May 2020

Field Heroes

The Field Heroes campaign continues to raise awareness of the role of beneficial insects in western Canadian crops. Check the recently updated Field Heroes website for scouting guides, downloadable posters, and videos. Learn about these important organisms at work in your fields!  

New this week - Real Agriculture went live with a weekly Pest and Predators podcast series!
• Access Episode 1 - Do you know your field heroes?

New for 2020 - Check out the new Field Heroes YouTube video series:
• How to sweep a field
• What's in my sweep net
• Why use a sweep net

Access the Field Heroes Crop Scouting Guides - information on beneficial insects commonly occurring in CerealsOilseeds and Pulse Crops.  There are Pest Scouting Guides applicable to CutwormsAphidsDiamondback moth, and Bertha armyworm PLUS the common arthropod predators and parasitoids that attack them.  Also check out the Sweep Net Scouting Tips in the form of Cereal AvengersOilseed Avengers or Pulse Avengers.  Download or print them all to share!

Be sure to follow @FieldHeroes for practical tips and information.

Thanks to Western Grains Research Foundation for supporting this important campaign made possible by the support and advice of enthusiastic members of the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network.

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