Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Weekly Update (June 27, 2019; Wk 12) Otani, Weiss, Giffen, Trudel, Turkington, Svendsen, Olfert, Vankosky


Another busy week of in-field monitoring, data collection, and field tour events for all our Staff!  A reminder that, from now until mid-July, the Weekly Update may need to be posted in multiple segments (i.e., at any point from Wednesday-Saturday).  Please bookmark the Blog or subscribe to receive the latest growing season information!

This week, special thanks to Ross Weiss (AAFC-Saskatoon) - entomologist and the integral modeler who works to generate all the weekly wind trajectory, meteorological, and predictive model updates supporting the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network. 

Please access the complete Weekly Update either as a series of Posts for Week 12 (June 27, 2019) OR a downloadable PDF. Be sure to check out the Insect of the Week - the rest of the growing season features doppelgangers to aid in-field scouting!

Questions or problems accessing the contents of this Weekly Update?  Please e-mail either Dr. Meghan Vankosky or Jennifer Otani.  Past “Weekly Updates” can be accessed on our Weekly Update page.

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