Friday, 23 June 2017

Weekly Update (Jun 22, 2017; Wk 08) - Provincial Insect Pest Reports

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so we have attempted to link to their most recent information: 

● Manitoba's Insect and Disease Update for 2017 is prepared by John Gavloski and Pratisara Bajracharya and read Issue #5 (June 21, 2017) noting alfalfa weevil and lingering cutworm issues in that province. ● Saskatchewan's Crop Production News - 2017 - Issue #2 prepared by Scott Hartley and Danielle Stephens is now posted. It includes updates on how to scout for pea leaf weevil and aster yellows that can occur in all crops. Additionally, very low DBM numbers have been intercepted in pheromone traps deployed throughout Saskatchewan (e.g., seasonal cumulative totals of 10-14 moths per trap were reported "peaks".
● Watch for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Call of the Land and access the most recent Insect Update (June 22, 2017) provided by Scott Meers. That report notes cabbage seedpod weevil scouting has begun in southern Alberta, isolated reports of red turnip beetle in a few fields in east-central Alberta, the appearance of early instar grasshoppers (1-3 instar stages) west of Edmonton and in the Peace River region despite the weather, and low pea aphid numbers so far in southern Alberta.