Thursday, 30 June 2016

Weekly Update (June 29, 2016; Wk 09) - Bertha Armyworm

Bertha armyworm (Lepidoptera: Mamestra configurata- This week, moths are expected to complete their yearly flight.  Reporting sites across the prairies have generally reported lower cumulative interceptions with some exceptions in Saskatchewan.  

Provincial staff coordinate BAW pheromone trapping across the prairies and summarize cumulative counts in report or map formats:
● Saskatchewanians.... Male moths have been intercepted at multiple sites in Saskatchewan with some sites reporting higher risk values (Insect Report-Issue #4, prepared by S. Hartley).  
● Manitobans..... Low numbers of male moths have been intercepted throughout the province but review the values in the most recent Insect and Disease Report prepared by J. Gavloski and posted June 22, 2016.  
● Albertans......  Refer to the live 2016 map reporting Bertha armyworm pheromone trap interceptions.  A copy of the map (retrieved June 29, 2016) is below for reference.