Thursday, 23 June 2016

Weekly Update (June 22, 2016; Wk 08) - Small scarab beetle

Small scarab beetle (Coleoptera: Aphodius distinctus) - This is the time of summer that farmers will be seeing larvae of a small scarab beetle (Aphodius distinctus) in their fields.  There have been scattered reports each June of large numbers of beetle grubs in crops associated with crop damage (e.g., canola, corn, dry bean, onion, pea).

Please help researchers compile information related to this species so they might confirm its pest status!  Information is posted about the beetle and the survey.  Here's how you can help:

1. Please send reports of high white grub densities and associated crop damage to (403-317-2242). 

2. Live larvae accompanied by the following field information would be extremely helpful please - contact Dr. Kevin Floate if you have a sample!

3. Include answers to the following so the pest status for this species can be ascertained:  
     - Previous crop?
     - Legal land location or latitude+longitude?
     - Irrigated or not?
     - Was composted manure added this spring?
     - Surface residue in spring?