Thursday, 23 June 2016

Weekly Update (June 22, 2016; Wk 08) - Cutworms

Cutworms (Noctuidae) – Please refer to earlier cutworm posts describing scouting tips, monitoring protocols and fact sheets (including cutworm images plus action and economic thresholds).

For Manitobans....The  earlier Insect Update included great photos of dingy and redbacked cutworms plus monitoring tips including how to discern these two species from one another.  Reports of cutworm continued in the current Insect Update.

For Saskatchewanians.... Cutworms were reported in the recent Saskatchewan Insect Report (Issue 3).

For Albertans..... Additional reports of cutworms have occurred throughout the province the past week!  If you find cutworms, please consider using the Alberta Pest Surveillance Network’s “2016 Cutworm Reporting Tool”.  Once data entry occurs, your growers can view the live 2016 cutworm map.

A screen shot of the live map has been retrieved (22Jun2016) below for your reference.