Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Provincial Insect Pest Reports (Aug 16, 2018; Wk 15)

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so we link to their most recent information: 

Manitoba's Insect and Disease Updates for 2018 can be accessed here. Issue #11 (posted August 8, 2018) includes initial reports of very low levels of soybean aphids and reports of bertha armyworm in canola fields in western Manitoba yet few fields exceeding economic levels. Agronomists in southwest Manitoba reported "melting" bertha armyworm larvae-read more to learn how insect-specific viruses are at work in fields! Finally, a reminder that the annual grasshopper survey is underway in August.

Saskatchewan's Crop Production News for 2018 is posted with Issue #6 now available. This issue informs growers that Ministry staff will be in fields conducting surveys. A reminder to manage pre-harvest intervals plus read the article describing disease and insect culprits associated with white heads in cereals.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Call of the Land regularly includes insect pest updates from Scott Meers. The most recent Call of the Land (posted August 9, 2018) includes reports of the bertha armyworm in Birch Hills county, the expected appearance of red turnip beetles which feed, mate and lay eggs at this point in the growing season, relatively low numbers of diamondback moths but a reminder to scout in canola at early pod stages, and peculiar behaviours of parasitized ladybird beetles and grasshoppers.