Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Provincial Insect Pest Reports (Aug 02, 2018; Wk 13)

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so we link to their most recent information: 

Manitoba's Insect and Disease Updates for 2018 can be accessed here. Issue #9 (posted for July 25, 2018) includes a summary of cumulative bertha armyworm counts from pheromone traps for 2018 and importance of monitoring in canola (bertha armyworm and diamondback moth) and soybeans (spider mites) but an overall low level of insect concerns so far.

Saskatchewan's Crop Production News for 2018 is posted with Issue #5 now available. This issue includes a description of cereal leaf beetle in Saskatchewan. Growers can review articles on how to scout for cutworms, how to assess plant stand densities in flax or canola, and for flea beetles, pea leaf weevils, and results from 2018 diamondback moth pheromone trappingNEW - review the 2018 bertha armyworm pheromone trapping results!

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Call of the Land regularly includes insect pest updates from Scott Meers. The most recent Call of the Land (posted July 26, 2018) includes a brief description of the new canola flower midge and the current survey underway in Alberta, that bertha armyworm monitoring should be focusing on in-field monitoring to establish larval densities, presence of english grain aphid showing up in a few fields in low numbers, and some reports of ladybird beetle larvae and pupae active on cereal heads feeding on aphids and other insect pests.