Thursday, 28 July 2016

Weekly Update (July 27, 2016; Wk 13) - Provincial Insect Pest Reports

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so we have attempted to link to their most recent information: 

- Manitoba's Insect and Disease Update which includes lygus in canola, wheat midge, and a few sites showing moderate risk levels for bertha armyworm based on phermone trap interceptions (July 27, 2016, prepared by John Gavloski and Pratisara Bajracharya).

- Saskatchewan's Crop Production News includes descriptions of aphids in field crops plus economic and action thresholds applicable in field peas, lentils, canaryseed, cereals or canola.  Aster yellows have also been observed this season.  Saskatchwan's surveys and forecasts are also highlighted in Issue 5prepared by Scott Hartley.  Growers should note that the distribution of pea leaf weevil has increased this season in Saskatchewan plus the updated bertha armyworm pheromone map can be accessed in this report.

- Watch for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Call of the Land for updates from Scott Meers  who recently provided an update (posted on July 21, 2016) and noted pea aphid risk in relation to pea and lentil seed maturity, froghoppers in ditches, leafminers in wheat, and reporting the occurrence of aphids in wheat in order to help researchers developing an action threshold.