Saturday, 10 August 2019

Provincial Insect Pest Reports (August 8, 2019; Wk 18)

Provincial entomologists provide insect pest updates throughout the growing season so we link to their most recent information: 

Manitoba's Crop Pest Updates for 2019 are posted here. Access Issue #12 posted August 8, 2019, noting continued grasshopper concern, noticeable diamondback moth in some fields and bertha armyworm in an area. There is also a description of the threshold for diamondback moth, larval development, and how to optimally scout for larvae.

Reminder - Saskatchewan's Crops Blog Posts includes a segment on "Economic thresholds" by Kaeley Kindrachuk posted in May 2019. Also access the Crop Production News with Issue #6 (featuring pesticide drift information).

•  Reminder - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's Agri-News includes an insect-related item in the July 8, 2019 edition with an important reminder that field scouting in July can lead to a more successful crop.